In Los Angeles, the city is always alive and on-the-go. The freeways are congested, the roads are busy, and the streets are crowded. For many of us, transportation is easier on a motorcycle. It’s more efficient on gas, and for experienced riders, it can be maneuvered with far better handling than the vast majority of cars.

However, there is also a great deal of concern for motorcyclists in L.A. Even with the increase in numbers, and the technological advances, many drivers are still not accustomed to sharing the road with riders. They aren’t looking for a bike in their blind spot, or maybe they just expect the motorcyclist to maneuver away. If a crash occurs between a car or truck and a motorcycle, the damage has the potential to be much more severe, leading to catastrophic injuries.

You can’t always be in control, and while getting the proper instruction, training, and safety gear can help protect against the risk of accidents, the risk can never be eliminated.

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At Bergener Mirejovsky, our lawyers are passionate riders themselves. While we understand the present dangers to be aware of as a motorcyclist, we also believe that the same rights afforded to other drivers should be granted bikers. You need to safeguard your legal rights, and having a qualified and experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer to protect your claim is of the highest importance.

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Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Claims

If you’ve been hurt by a negligent party in a motorcycle accident, you are entitled to recover monetary damages for the harms you’ve suffered. But every situation is different, and it’s important to really understand the facts of the case before making any decisions.

The most common types of claims involve a negligent driver:

  • passing other drivers
  • making a sudden-stop
  • changing lanes with you in a blind-spot

Motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles can result in serious injury or loss of life, simply due to the differences in size, speed, and power of a car versus a bike. Furthermore, insurance policies for riders are complicated and dense with contingencies and legal jargon.

Be wary, it can be very detrimental to speak with insurance companies before consulting with an attorney. The insurance agencies are extremely well trained to be able to deny or devalue your claim. They aren’t in business to treat you fairly. Their goal is to pay out as little as possible to claimants.

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